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Seeing Your Life Through The Lens of The Gospel – Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jesus gave the disciples a share in his mission by sending them out ahead of him. It was a gesture of trust and confidence on his part, even though they did not fully understand his mission. Have you ever been surprised by the trust shown in you by others to speak or act on their behalf?

Jesus sent the disciples out two by two. Perhaps your experience gives you examples of the value of having another with you when engaged in an important task.

The apparently strange instructions given by Jesus were intended to counteract practices by bogus preachers who used preaching as a mask for money-making. True disciples of Jesus focus on the mission and not on their own comforts. Is it your experience that vested interests can impede a task, whereas having the right motives makes your mission more effective?

The task of the disciples was to call people to repent, (metanoia = conversion, change the way we look at God and at other people). Who have been the people in your life who have prompted you to be more trusting in God or more compassionate to people? To whom have you given this call?

John Byrne OSA


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