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A Few Words from the Fr Joe

During the week, in preparation for a Confirmation, we had a most enjoyable ‘Ceremony of Light’ in the church. As always there was something very special about this faith centred moment. The evening has three parts, a reflection on reconciliation and finding the courage both to ask forgiveness and to be able to forgive others. Why do we hurt the people we love by our words and actions, and how does it feel to be forgiven when we say we are sorry? It means so much to our young people to be reconciled when they make a mistake.

The second part of the liturgy is the actual ‘Ceremony of Light’ itself. We acknowledge the significance of the Paschal Candle that presides at the ceremony, towering over the candidates, their parents and priest. It truly is a light we look up too, and accept as being the symbol of Christ our Light, guiding us on the right path and promising us eternal life. There is always something a bit special as the parents walk to together in procession to light their child’s Baptismal Candle from it. No doubt they are thinking back to the day around 11 years ago when they brought their new born to the church to be received into the community of faith. They recall who was there then, who they asked to be the God-parents, and the pride of their own mum and dad as they saw a grandchild connected to Christ and his Church. Then at the moment of handing it on, they promise to share the faith journey with this young person they now know and love, they have been teachers and guides, now they become companions and fellow travellers along the path of enlightenment. The candle, held jointly for a moment, reminds both of their bond in faith with Jesus, friend and master.

The final part of the ceremony seems a bit quaint now, taking the pledge! Perhaps it is but it also reminds us of how important it is for young people to be protected from many things that can harm them as they learn to make good choices in life. Alcohol, drugs, porn, can all have a drag on their hearts, promising excitement and fun, but so often leads to depression, regret and harm. So, the pledge is both for the candidates as a promise to wait and for the adults a cautionary reminder that their own behaviour will be very influential.

Please remember our young people as they make their Confirmation, pray for them. Come Holy Spirit, fill our hearts with your love………….

Fr Joe Mullan



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